Make a newspaper bag

Eine einfach umzusetzende Idee, mit der man auch noch die Umwelt schonen kann. 🙂 Das will ich euch nicht vorenthalten.

The Green Dragonfly

Last week at church a woman was generously giving away kiwi fruit after the service. She had a stack of these nifty newspaper carry bags which she had made to put the fruit into, and I instantly fell in love with them (yes, such is my personality… I’m easily pleased by simple, useful, handmade things!).Make a paper carry bagShe gave me a very quick lesson in the making of the bags, and once home I un-made the bag and put it back together.  Simple, yet perfect for carrying all manner of things… I hope – like me – you too can find a million uses for these bags.

Here’s how you make your own newspaper carry bag:

First up you need a couple of sheets of newspaper – not the small tabloid sized pieces, but the big, old-school, full sized newspaper sheets.

Lay the paper down on a flat surface (kitchen table works…

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